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Illinois has a 250-year supply of coal. With 1.189 billion tons, Illinois has the largest recoverable bituminous coal reserve of any state in the United States.


Coal has socioeconomic importance to Illinois. The Illinois coal industry is a nearly $1 billion industry. Coal is mined in 12 Illinois counties.


Clean coal technology can reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, mercury, particulates and carbon dioxide.



The United States produces about 20%, or 1.1 billion tons, of the world's coal supply—second only to China.


Coal generates about half of the electricity used in the United States.


The average coal miner is 50 years old and has 20 years of experience.


U.S. coal deposits contain more energy than that of all the world's oil reserves.


Each person in the United States uses 3.8 tons of coal each year.